Brand Story

     Hedgehog man who - is a good partner for your photographic life, both to bring you retro fashion sense, but also have practical. 
     Hedgehog man who brand from Singapore, Singapore COLOURS company owned by a stylish, high-quality and innovative customized gifts company for global enterprise customers. 
     Hedgehog man who design and product all by innovation, technology, design team completed by the group in Singapore, commissioned in China specializing in the production of photographic equipment products company - Cixi City Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd. for the production and as China distributor selling products. 
     Inspired by Singapore's emphasis on style and durability of design culture, hedgehog man hedgehog man of our modern life has to offer a high-quality, creative leather backpack, a kind of a cool way to show his unique fashion. 
     Hedgehog man who hedgehog camera bag not only strive to develop and perfect camera carrying system, also joined the fashion element so that is no longer a simple camera bag camera bag to protect the camera but has become fashionable bags, accompany you through every precious moment.